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Solah Shringar

Solah shringar are the sixteen adornments of an Indian Hindu bride, which contribute to her complete beautification. Wedding has always been a fantasy for every girl. It is a dream, she is born with and wishes to realize with utmost care and precision. This can very well explain her urge to look her best on the D day. Moreover, it is considered that a girl starts her new life after marriage, so she should feel good about herself. This is why solah shringar is a mandatory practice for all the to-be brides.

Solah Shringar are the sixteen adornments, which aim at making the bride look beautiful from head to toe. In fact the process itself pays attention on all her body parts, embellishing them stunningly. Thus, all the brides go through this complete makeover for that special day. So, for all the girls waiting to be brides,
Here is a quick look at the procedure of solah shringar.

  • Firstly, the hair of the bride are properly oiled and washed. They are then dried and twined according to the wedding dress. Lastly, they are accentuated with Gajra, strings of flowers.
  • The bride is given bath with a mixture of gram flour, turmeric powder, sandal powder and oil. This acts as a scrub and provides glow to her skin.
  • After this she dons the wedding dress, which is usually in red color.
  • This is followed by putting kajal in her eyes, to enhance their beauty.
  • Now, her splendor is further highlighted by ornaments. She wears a mang tika or borla on her forehead, which is made of gold.
  • Bindi is a must for the bride as it symbolizes dedication towards her husband.
  • She also wears a nose ring in her left nostril, which is also an essential accessory.
  • Necklace or Haar is a must and symbolizes prosperity.
  • Ear rings or jhoomars are worn in accordance with the necklace. They are heavy and are supported with chain.
  • Giving a more traditional look to the bride, armlets are worn on the upper part of the arms.
  • Bangles both made of gold and glass are mandatory for a bride to wear as they signify the long life of her husband.
  • A bride wears eight rings in both her hands, which are attached with a central flower or medallion that covers the upper part of the hand.
  • Accentuating her curves, a waist band is a traditional jewelry worn by the bride
  • One of the most sensuous and attention grabbing accessory worn by the bride is anklet. It is worn in both feet.
  • Another important jewelry item to be worn is the toe ring. They are also a symbol of her marriage and are worn till her husband's death.
  • Not to forget, one of the prettiest ways of accessorizing a bride is with the help of varied henna designs. Mehndi forms an integral part of any marriage.

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