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Main Day Wedding Ceremony

  • Mandap Ceremony
  • Mandap ceremony holds utmost importance on the day of the wedding. This is because all the significant rituals are performed during the mandap ceremony. In India, weddings take place in accordance with the age old customs and traditions. It is a very meticulous process and is fulfilled with the feeling that it is a one time affair. As a result, parents on both the sides do not leave any stone unturned in organizing a prosperous wedding for their kids.

    This attributes to the fact that Indian weddings are around five day long. There are a number of rituals that take place before, after and on the wedding day itself. Mandap ceremony is also such ritual. After the var mala ceremony is over, the couple is blessed by the elderly people of both the families. This is followed by the mandap ceremony, which is performed under a canopy supported on four pillars. This is called Mandap. It is usually made of bamboo and is decorated with red and silver colors.

    The four pillars of the mandap signify the parents on both sides, which toiled hard to bring their children up. The mandap ceremony usually takes place at the house of the bride or otherwise it is held at the wedding venue itself. All the rituals during the mandap ceremony are performed in front of the sacred fire and hymns recited by the priest, from Vedas. The main rituals conducted here are Saat Phere, Kanyadaan, Maang baharai etc.

  • Var Mala Ceremony
  • The Hindu wedding is full of enthusiasm and adventure. The main wedding ceremonies constitute of several rituals and age old customs; one of them being the Var Mala ceremony. The rituals of the main day are performed by the bride, the groom and their close relatives. The priest or the Brahmin chants mantras in Sanskrit during the entire course of events. On the main day of the wedding, there are several items required like rice, coconut, fresh flowers and many types of different grains. One of the main rituals performed during the main day of the wedding is the Var Mala ceremony which is also known as the Jai Mala. This is a ritual that shows that the bride accepts the groom as her husband.

  • Welcome Guests
  • A wedding event can become a perfect event when its guests appreciate it and enjoy every second of it. The parents of the bride's family, in particular, seek to confirm best arrangements for the guests something like traveling, accommodation and food. Thus, the main purpose is to ensure unforgettable memories for the guests. The thinking of wedding guests might be different. Some guests would appreciate your event but few will try to find a mistake in your wedding preparations.

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