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Get married with the help of specialised and professional wedding palnners for your traditional hindu wedding ceremonies in Goa. These ceremonies are traditionally conducted at least partially in Sanskrit, the language in which most holy Hindu ceremonies are conducted. The local language of the people involved is also used since most Hindus cannot understand Sanskrit. We also arrange the modern western wedding ceremony and also among the different regions, families, and castes such as Rajput weddings and Iyer weddings. The Hindus attach a lot of importance to marriages and the ceremonies are very colorful and extend for several days.

Hindu weddings are one of the most important ceremonies in the lives of the Hindus. The script is enchanted in Sanskrit, which is the language that is used in most of the holy ceremonies. Hindu weddings are considered as holy ceremonies and the rituals are carried out in an extremely traditional way. The rituals have changed over the years but the basics are the same.

The weddings are usually held in a temple. Some families as per their tradition might choose to have the ceremony in a particular temple. Sometimes a pyre is created at the marriage venue and the environment is recreated.

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Traditional Hindu Wedding in Goa
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